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Cox Sisters Run Trash Disposal Business

      "You call; we haul (any kind of debris at all)" goes the slogan of Coxco Disposal, Gloucester's other family-run trash disposal business.  Sisters Barbara and Judi Cox service the North Shore with their diesel-powered International roll-off truck and fleet of 10, 15, and 20 yard dumpsters.  "We specialize in home clean-outs and construction projects.  We will go anywhere, but we prefer to stay local.  Most of our boxes (dumpsters) are in Gloucester and Rockport," explains Barbara.

    The daughters of Evelyn and the late Robert K. Cox, a manufacturer's rep (resentative) for the former Mighty-Mac Corp., Judi and Barbara grew up and were educated in Needham and summered in Gloucester with their two other sisters and three brothers.

      Barbara and Judi were smitten by an excavator digging near their home when they were youngsters.  "We have always been into machinery and the outdoors.  We have always been tomboys," said Judi, who with her sister, even began driving on private roads when they were around 8 years old.

      Judi started the company in 1983.  "I used to clean a Gloucester fisherman's boat, and he loaned me his truck.  I put an ad in the Gloucester Daily Times to do house clean-outs.  I got a lot of calls.  There was definitely a need out there," said Judi.  She added, "I decided then that I loved trash."

      Judi also incorporated the business, and it needed a name.  "Coxco made sense," she said.  "We are the original for the company's slogan (now also used by other businesses). "You call; we haul any kind of debris at all" We should have registered it," Judi added.

      Soon, Judi got her own truck.  "My parents said if I sold my motorcycle, they would help me buy a truck."  That they did, a 1/4 -ton pick-up truck complete with a plow.  She also built up the truck's sides.  Judi later moved her enterprise to Needham and then back to Gloucester.  "I plowed winters for the City of Gloucester, the Town of Needham and Suffolk Downs.  I was doing a very good business," said Judi, who acquired a second truck.

      In time, "Barbara decided to leave corporate America and go on her own with me.  She came along with financial help and bought a new hook lift - roll-off dump truck.  I then sold my two dump trucks," explained Judi.  The sisters took delivery of the new dark-blue truck in the fall of 2001.  Barbara also brought along experience in commercial fishing, including crewing on Roger Bakey's automated offshore longliner, Sea Dog V and driving a tractor trailer and a Class A license.  She had worked for a large carrier service.  Judi commercially fished, too.  The sisters even operated a house painting company.  They still enjoy fishing today.

      With the closure of landfills, Coxco's has steadily grown, offering competitive prices. We drop off the dumpster, you fill it, and we pick it up and haul it away.  A lot of people want to use locals.  Many local contractors use us.  We use a pick-up truck to haul appliances, too," Judi explained.  The sisters unload the dumpsters at a number of transfer stations, sometimes having to wait over an hour in line.  "We like the one in Peabody; it's convenient," said Barbara.

      They typically work Monday through Saturday, being the least busy in the winter.  "It's often a 5:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. day.  Every day is different.  Some days don't end until 8:00 p.m.  We have run on Sundays before.  We will deliver an empty box on Sundays.  If we have one, and people want one, we always try to accommodate," explained Barbara.  The sisters can't dump on Sundays, since the transfer stations are closed.  It's not uncommon seeing the Coxco truck on the highway early in the morning with Barbara (the Captain) at the helm.

      "I'm in the truck most of the time; Judi is the phone person," said Barbara, who also takes care of the bills besides the driving.  While not manning the telephones, Judi sometimes accompanies her sister.  "Barbara can drop a box anywhere.  This can be tricky sometimes, since you don't always have a good spot," Judi stated.  "Our mother (Evelyn) is the Chief Financial Officer," joked the sisters.  Evelyn often helps out with the bookkeeping.

      "Overall in the business, people have been very good.  They see us work, and then the respect comes.  We are in a man's world, but we are still women," said Judi.  She added, "We often get lots of nice compliments when people are impressed; that makes your day."  Competitors have even been supportive of the sisters.  Hiltz Waste Disposal, Gloucester's other family-owned trash company, ". .. has been very helpful.  There's room for everyone out there," said Barbara.

      "We enjoy the freedom of the job; it's outdoors, and we are self-employed.  We like meeting new people all the time," explained the sisters.  Winters, often present challenges to them. Dumpster contents frequently freeze, prompting Barbara to get in there and break it up.

      "The trash is where our hearts now lie. We can use all the business we can get.  We want to grow.  We would also like to pass this legacy on to our nieces and nephews," said Judi.

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